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Here is an eclectic list of things that I have collected, written, or built at some point or another:

I love running! Email me if you are interested in joining me for evening runs through Pittsburgh's Schenley Park. My runs are entirely non-competitive (with myself and others). Any attempt to challenge me will be met with a harsh glare.

I play the electric guitar (mostly blues and jazz) for my own enjoyment. I am beginning to appreciate my accoustic guitar, too. I wrote a real-time guitar sound effects processor for Linux, however I am not planning any code releases for the time being.

VNC patches: note, these are very outdated and I don't have time (or software environment) to port and test them on recent versions of WinVNC or Windows XP/Server/Vista/TheNextBigThing.

Ezimail: I have resisted switching to the pine or mulberry email clients for a while. I spend some free time maintaining this email client (an IMAP port of the old CMU AMS email client ezmail). Infrequent updates are posted here.

Mr. Coffee meets the microcontroller: a static view of a coffee machine that I attached to a webserver in early 1998. The coffee machine may be gone, but the hardware is still around in storage. Images of the machine are here, along with source code to talk to the basic stamp and the CGI files.

LaTeX musings: in an effort to learn the typesetting language LaTeX, I put together this list of references.

Graduation pictures: pictures from my 2001 (BS ECE) and 2002 (MS ECE) graduations.

Space pictures: who says you have to be stuck on this planet?

I am a member of the ACLU. Please help protect your civil rights.

Note: this page is constantly under construction and a few of the links are probably not active. Enjoy the suspense.

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